NPS Backbone Trail

Ready for an adventure? As you know, some paths in life are better taken in dirt so come along with us as we hike the 67-mile-long Backbone Trail in the beautiful Santa Monica Mountains. Each week the video series, broken up into eight segments and hosted by longtime volunteer Ralph Waycott, will introduce you to LA’s premier hike. Share your questions, trail experiences, tips or thoughts about this video series with us by emailing

Backbone Trail (BBT)

About the Backbone Trail

You will see how many public and private agencies, organizations and individuals have joined together to create Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area in general and the Backbone Trail which has been designated as a National Recreation Trail.

As individuals you can help support the park in many ways. You can share your knowledge by telling others about the parks and events. You can increase your knowledge by attending programs and lectures listed in our calendar. You can contribute your time by becoming a State or National Park Service volunteer. You can help maintain the Backbone Trail and other trails by volunteering for trail projects with various partner organizations.


As hikers on this trail you will enjoy the Mediterranean ecosystem, found only in five places in the world, experiencing its many unique plant and animal communities. By being able to escape from city life, you enjoy the health benefits of hiking and learning a lot about our own unique area. You will also learn some history of the area through the trail as you travel through Coastal Sage Scrub, Chaparral, Oak Woodlands, Meadows, and Streamside areas.

If you have read through the Backbone Trail (BBT) information and still have questions, contact us.

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