Spread Your Love of Trails - Not Germs

Although COVID numbers are going down, it is still crucially important that everyone follow key safety tips while on public trails to prevent the spread of the virus. 

YOU can help keep trails safe for all to enjoy by taking the following steps:

  1. STAY HOME IF SICK – Don’t leave your home if you are sick with a fever or respiratory symptoms or are currently under isolation or quarantine.
  2. PREPARE – Before you visit a trail, check with the park or trail facility operator to find out what areas and amenities are open (such as bathroom facilities and concessions), and bring what you need with you.
  3. AVOID CROWDS – Don’t visit popular destination trails that you know are usually crowded and leave a trail that is appears crowded when you arrive.
  4. FOLLOW THE RULES - Follow all park, trail or nature preserve rules, regulations and any posted access restrictions.
  5. PRACTICE PHYSICAL DISTANCING – Stay at least six (6) feet from others who are not members of your household & avoid crowded areas.
  6. WEAR A FACE COVERING – Face coverings must be worn at trailheads, parking lots and on any trails where there are other groups of people nearby.  Note that infants and children under 2 should not wear face coverings and children 2-8 should use them under adult supervision to ensure that the child can breathe safely and to avoid choking or suffocation. Children with breathing problems should not wear a face covering.
  7. PASS OTHERS WITH CAUTION – Communicate with others as you pass and provide adequate physical distance.
  8. NO GATHERING – Do not gather in groups.
  9. KEEP MOVING – Do not linger at any one location except as needed for brief rests.
  10. LEAVE NO TRACE – Pack out all trash.

For a complete list of trail safety guidelines during COVID-19, please visit:  http://publichealth.lacounty.gov/media/coronavirus/docs/protocols/Reopening-Trails.pdf

For more Quick Tips and information please visit:  https://trails.lacounty.gov/Prepare