Eaton Canyon Trail Closed

Eaton Canyon Trail Closed

LA County Parks and Recreation (LA County Parks) is very sorry to announce that Eaton Canyon is closed effective immediately through May 31, 2020.  The closure includes the Eaton Canyon trailhead, parking lot, nature center, and all gates. No walk-ins are allowed. 

Although a County team of park staff, trail monitors and the Parks Sheriff Bureau were on site to patrol, monitor and reinforce the Los Angeles County COVID-19 Public Health requirements, many trail users did not comply with the guidance and directives being given by the County team to wear masks and maintain safe physical distancing. Many visitors did not adhere to the safety directives given by park monitors and also entered the park and trail through unauthorized and/or temporarily closed trail access points. Given this behavior, the County had no choice but to close the trailhead and trail.

Today Eaton Canyon experienced a high volume of trail users that were not following the COVID-19 public health requirements that include physical distancing of 6 feet apart or wearing face coverings while being close to others.

LA County Parks and Recreation had over 15 trail monitors, in addition to the Eaton Canyon Nature Center staff and extra team members trying to get trail visitors to follow the guidelines. The Sherrif’s Department was also onsite trying to enforce.

Despite these best efforts by the County, the large number of visitors to Eaton Canyon this weekend has made it evident that many people are not practicing key requirements and recommendations set forth by Public Health and supported by LA County Parks, such as wearing face coverings, physical distancing and avoiding crowded areas.

While we understand that trails are a beloved form of recreation that offers much-needed opportunities for exercise, respite, getting fresh air, and connecting with nature, the public did not follow the guidelines required, and it put themselves and staff at risk. 

At LA County Parks, we believe that the health and safety of our trail users, park guests, team members, and community are the top priority, and therefore Eaton Canyon will be closed immediately on May 24 through May 31, 2020.

Trail users are encouraged to explore this website for the many other trails options throughout the that may be less frequented by visitors.